Girls Bedrooms

Get creative decorating ideas from these girl's bedroom designs!

Notice the white picket fence on the wall.....

Wonderful bench seat with storage and loving those huge flowers!

This room is clearly for a girl and a boy but could easily be all girl!

Adding interesting decor pieces make this room far from ordinary! And notice the layering of rugs to continue the color scheme...

Designed by Candice Olson...need I say more?

Amazing bunk bed castle was designed by a woman in Bahrain who wanted creative furniture options for kids. You should really read her story at her website below.

The perfect tween to teen bedroom...

This leans gender neutral but I had to include it because I can't 
take my eyes off it!

Ahhh... a cute big girl room...

Don't you wish you had this room when you were little? Oh, it's a bunk bed, too!

This was designed as a day bed/ sitting area, but I think it could easily be a teen girl's bedroom. The best part is the corner headboard - a great idea to steal!

I think any teen or twenty-something would crave this room!

Ok, a lot of styles and options to consider... do you have a 
favorite? Do any spark some ideas?  

If you don't have girls, which one would you 
have wanted when you were young? 

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