Calming Mom Cave

This is another room I'm calling done, my office/mom cave! There are a few things I still need to change to truly be 100% done, but who's looking? When you have an entire house that needs re-doing, and it's all DIY, getting rooms to 90% is pretty good!


Your computer screen is correct: 

French doors replaced the temporary curtain. I found them on craigslist: 4 for $50!! This is what they looked like when we brought them home:

And you would not believe the shimming dear hub had to do to make them fit! Non-plum doors into a non-plum doorway!

Dear hubs did the DIY carpeting install.

New double windows from Window World. More about the new windows in this post.

Before it was a squatty little window like this one in another room:

We went from a short single to a taller double:

Lovely wall color complete with black carpeting, a black ceiling fan 
and mirrored bi-fold  closet doors (where the new french doors are now).

I also found this beautiful cabinet on craigslist to store my lighting supplies:

You can see the complete lights in this post and at my ETSY shop.

My last project for this room is to recover this chaise:

with this fabric:

It should look nice with the room...

...what do you think? Here are more options for fabric from Fabric.com if you think I'm nuts for choosing the one above! 
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Sarah @ 20 State said...

Wow, that is 1000 times better, it's amazing what paint can do...it's so calming now, love the fabric choice

Christine D. | The Plumed Nest said...

that looks wonderful! what an amazing deal on the french doors. i absolutely love the chaise fabric choice with the color pallet of the room. perfect!

DelSheree Gladden said...

Wow, that is so much better than pink and red. You did a great job. I could totally use a mom cave right now. I'd only use it for studying at the moment, but that's okay!

Lisa Fyfe said...

wow, what you are doing is such an improvement! It looks great. I am impressed that you are covering that chaise yourself. I love the fabric.

Cheryl said...

Nan I burst out laughing at the before wow that was something else! Yes definitely calming NOW, honestly I am not sure what emotion the before color combination evoked in me but it wasn't good. Love the new look!

Nicole Orriƫns said...

I'm so impressed you can upholster a chair yourself, and I love the fabric.

Your room really does present a calm atmosphere.


Karen Dawkins said...

I love your choices! Beautiful!

As to the fabric, you made a great choice. They only other one I'd consider is #10, but I agree with you.

Enjoy your new creative space!

Bobi Jensen said...


I started my very first "Weekend Warmth" Linky party...and there are no rules. Please join in!


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