Re-Designing Myself, My Blog & Motherhood

Anyone approaching a milestone birthday? I am. Not for another year but it's already looming like a dark cloud rolling along the plains headed straight for me. Some days it moves slow and other days it seems like it will be here tomorrow! Time for a re-design of myself, my blog and my approach to motherhood.

I've been a stay at home mom for 8 years. It is time for me to work out of the house. I need space from my kids, individual purpose and to feel my worth. The career woman inside is begging to come out and achieve new goals! Yes, life will get crazy since my hub has a chaotic work schedule so I've chosen a path with the most flexibility and long term staying power. For the past week, I've committed to a new schedule in preparation; studying from 9-3 just as if I was out of the house. So far so good!

I also went shopping for a professional dress and my past love for fashion started to return. I have been wearing t-shirts and jeans everyday and really did not care about my outward appearance. Well, I did a little, some lipstick, curled hair and a "nicer" t-shirt seemed to work. Most days it was the other moms at school pick-up or the grocery store cashier who would benefit of my sprucing-up! (you SAHM's know exactly what I mean!) So as I was shopping with a purpose, I looked at the clothing with a new eye. "Yes, I could wear that and that, and oh, that would work, too!" The retail queen inside was bursting out... 

My kids will have a new mommy. No, not a different person - well, yes, actually a different person has already started emerging from their current mom. This new mom will not micro-manage, will not prepare every meal and will not be serving them 24/7. She will create independence in her kids as they are able, let them experience "missing her" and teach her boys that a mom can contribute financially to the household if she so chooses.  

And so, with some re-designing from all fronts, this blog will have a new purpose as well. I will be introducing "Playful Decor Deals™" as a separate site on WordPress. Separate but still connected. This new site will feed frequent deals on nursery and children's furniture, wall decor and accessories with links so you can purchase them! I hope you will enjoy the new site and please have patience with me as I create all these changes! 

I welcome any info on converting to wp, tips from wohm's or any thoughts about dress code at school pick-up! 

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The Budget Diet said...

My empty nest days are fast approaching, but I still have no desire to return to the workplace! My friends and family don't get it because most of them have been more like you. Good luck...it sounds like you're already off to a great start!

it's great to "BE" ™ said...

I stayed home for 6 years. Then was fortunate to get a job in the school district my children attended (actually at the same school when they went to elementary school, they are all high-schoolers now) So my schedule was perfect... same vacation weeks, snow days, summers off! It was a real blessing from God I believe, it came at a time we needed it the most, financially. I wish you much success on your new venture. I wish I could offer more help with WP, but I had to watch some You Tube videos just to navigate it the first time round, and I'm still a rookie!

Pepper said...

The grass is really always greener on the other side, isn't it? I've been working for so long, that I dream of being a WAHM. Now, from reading your post, I realize the possible things I might miss once I do decide to work from home.

Good luck on whatever venture you wish to undertake. Change is good :)

Lisa Gradess Weinstein said...

Good luck on your return to work! My daughter is 15 and I have worked outside the home since she was a baby. Fortunately, my husband works from home so he was there for her when she got home from school. It's hard to juggle everything, but supermoms like us make it work!
Take care,

Nicole Orriƫns said...

Hi, good for you! I'm transfering to Wordpress myself, and that's a whole new challenge in itself!


ReviewsSheROTE Pamela R said...

Best of luck to you.

Nan @ Playful Decor said...

Thank you all for your lovely notes! It's funny, now that I've put myself on a schedule, I'm accomplishing much more throughout my days!

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