Five Tips Friday - Laundry!

This week's Five Tips are contributed by Joy at Pardon My Poppet........

If you're like me, you probably have some aspects of laundry day that you downright dislike. To start with, I hate sorting laundry, and used to just throw everything in together. But I noticed that my whites would end up dingy as they absorbed dye from the garments they
were washed with, so that put an end to it, and I'm now a diligent laundry sorter. I also supremely dislike folding clothes, which seems unending with teeny tiny toddler items that pile up faster than anything else around here. How to go about making life a little easier on laundry day? 

1. Pre-sort your clothing -This is my favourite, and one of the

easiest things to do. Have2 separate laundry hampers in your home. One holds all the light coloured clothing, and one holds only the darks. Then it really is super easy to just throw it in the wash and get on with your day. 

2. Pre-treat stains - We keep a bottle of stain remover in a closet right beside the hamper. As soon as a soiled garment comes off it gets a quick squirt and then thrown in the correct hamper. It really cuts down on ruined clothes. Once a piece of stained clothing goes through the dryer it is almost impossible to remove the set in stain. This one step alone will save you many dollars worth of discarded clothing. 

3. Have individual clean clothes baskets - I had a friend who came from a large family. When the laundry was done, her mum would put all the clothing from one individual in a basket. When they got home from school they would grab their basket, fold their clothes and put them all away. I personally don't like a lot of wrinkles in my clothes, but I do like the idea of putting an individuals folded clothes in a basket just for them and letting them put them away themselves. 

4. Hang anything to be ironed as soon as it comes out of the dryer - If you hang an item while it is still warm from the dryer, there will be far fewer wrinkles to remove. 

5. Invest in the highest quality iron you can afford - Once I had an expensive iron, I quickly realized how much it was worth every penny of its cost. The difference between taking 3-4 minutes to iron a dress shirt, and taking only 1 minute truly adds up when you have an entire pile to work your way through. Go for the best iron you can afford. This is one time you don't want to skimp. Happy laundering!  

Nan here, thank you to Joy for those great tips! Sorting and starting the machines aren't a big deal but I have a serious mental block when it comes to folding & putting away. When my kids ask me for clean clothes I tell them to get them out of the tub in front of the dryer! Actually, they don't even ask anymore.... my bad!

So what are your fav and not-so-fav parts of laundry? Do share and then go visit Joy at Pardon My Poppet and let her know you saw her post here!

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Joy said...

Okay, LOVE the dressing at the dryer! Should've added that one to the list! :-)

The Prudent Pantry said...

I love these laundry tips, especially treating the stains before clothes go in the hamper. Very smart!

I would love it if you would share this at the Smart Solutions linky party. You can link up here:


Have a great day!

Laura @ Mrs. in the Making said...

Love this post! I already pre-sort the laundry, but the individual laundry baskets is a wonderful idea! I hate doing laundry with a passion... so much that I once got so far behind on the laundry that to catch up I had to do 15 loads. (In my defense, it's a small washer...) I think I hate the folding part most. Thankfully I have recently discovered that if I ask nicely, the Mr will help me do that. Who knew?

My favorite laundry tip, I just recently learned... I started feeling like our towels never smelled as fresh as I thought they should... and then discovered that if you use vinegar in the rinse (I just put it in the place where the fabric softener goes) it gets the towels so clean... and it doesn't leave a funky smell at all!

Six Sisters said...

Thanks for the helpful post!! Thanks for coming to our Strut Your Stuff Saturday! Hope you'll be back soon! -The Sisters

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