Tuesday Notes

Well, did you all have a great long weekend? We did! We had fun family days including the local corn maze, getting a piano, an excursion and a boat tour in a city and hosted a neighborhood party. Lots of fun!

A bit of a change here,
I'm moving Tuesday's Nursery to the FIRST Tuesday 
of the month. The next time I'll see all your wonderful kids' decor will be 
Tuesday, November 1st.

Also, since we were so busy all weekend and now I MUST finish painting my office today because.....drum roll...... we're putting in new carpeting tomorrow! So sorry for the quick change, but real life happens - and if I had no real life, I'd have no blog!

If you want to see the previous Tuesday's Nursery links CLICK HERE.

For a fun Pinterest Pin Party head over to The DIY Showoff for Roeshel's Pinfest going on right now  (that's the 2nd Tuesday of every month!)..... 

...and then get out and play 'cause it's a nice day!!

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Mommy LaDy Club said...

I'm a new follower via voiceBoks. What a great blog! Can't wait to see more of your Tuesday's Nursery posts.


Nan @ Playful Decor said...

Hi Betina, Nice to meet you! Thank you for following!

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