Fab Slipcover Giveaway Reminder!

How's everyone doing? Just a note note today to remind you about the really great giveaway I have going on  - and today is the LAST DAY.

Seriously, who doesn't want a new sofa WHENEVER you want? Many of us redecorate once per decade (if that) and I'm sure that if we could change the furniture in a cheaper way, we'd re-do more frequently!

Here's your chance to learn how to make slipcovers for your chairs, sofas and ottomans so you CAN change your decor as often as you wish! Let's take a little trip in a perfect world...

You wake up and decide you want a purple living room because it's the NEW trend and you love it. Your day is free  ( I said we are in a perfect world! ) so you whip into JoAnn's and amazingly they have beautiful purple fabric at 50% off. Get home, whip out some awesome slipcovers because you KNOW HOW and presto: by the end of the day, you now have a purple living room!

And it's all because you made a great decision to ENTER this giveaway! Just think, if you didn't win you'd still have the drab brown-greige room that is SO out of style now!

But now you, yes, you are the TRENDSETTER on your block. You keep up with the latest in decor. You can change slipcovers faster than Lady Gaga can change slips!

(insert your fav pic of lady Gaga here. what.... 
did you really think I'd have a pic of Lady Gaga? )

All because you saw the future - new furniture for life!

Now, one more thing..... we bought new carpet for my office today! I'm getting excited to open my light biz so after a few more swipes of paint and a trip to Ikea, the room should be ready!

What is your dream color for your sofas?

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Kathy said...

I want to re-do my sofas, I love them and they are good, but they are in real need of a make over! I do not know what my dream color would be, well that is not really true, in my dream world they would be light pink or light pale blue, but I live in the real world and not in a romance novel so I think my real dream color would be a nice neutral that I could do a lot with! I always love to come here! You have such a fun site!!

BeCheerful said...

I guess my dream color for a sofa varies with my mood. I go from chocolate, to bright orange. So winning this, is a good thing for me. ~thank you so much~

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