Time For Mom

With summer here, I know where & how I’ll be spending my summer hours…sitting on the front porch watching the kids ride their bikes in the driveway. This means, I cannot do other things, like work, blog, clean, cook, or nap. But, a blessing in disguise…I can read! I never read books or magazines anymore. It’s another enjoyment that disappears when starting a family.

So last week I grabbed the magazine, "Cottage Living," I found at my salon and I read it! I mean I read the words! Not just looking at the pictures, but reading. I felt inspired to decorate. I found the paint colors for our bedroom ceiling (between the beams), a muted blue-ish green that will work perfectly with the spa color scheme I want to do. And a lighter grey-tan for the beams.

On occasion, I read a magazine passed on from a neighbor, “More.” I love that magazine. I can relate to it and for once I am not constantly staring at super-thin 15 year old models on every page. I am looking at women who are my age, reading articles relevant to mature, sophisticated women. (did I just say I’m mature & sophisticated? Definitely not, but you know what I mean)

And I did something I haven’t done in years…. I just ordered a subscription to More! I think it’s about time given my husband has more than a few magazines piling up on the back of the john! So, yes, it’s time for mom to relax, read, and get inspired about things that once excited me!


Jenny said...


Lisa said...

thats great ! Hope you had a awesome weekend!

Lucy postpartumillness.com said...

Im not a magazine reader but I always take the time to read Body and Soul. I love 90% of the articles in that magazine.


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