Best & Fast Sting Cure! (with update!)

I MUST share this with you all,  especially since we're in summer and high time for bites & stings.  The other day I got stung, not a bee but a round black insect. I have no idea what it was but it was a sting, not a bite and it did not look like a bee with wings.

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It was on my arm and since I was in the pool I thought it would come off as soon as it got under the water. Well, it didn't. I had to brush it off under water. I never got a good look at it because my little guy was swimming to me and I had to give my attention to him.

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Every 20 seconds I felt the sting on my arm and pretty soon it started to swell like any bite or sting.  I put a baking soda paste on it but it kept stinging.

After about 10 minutes and still feeling the stinger every 20 seconds,
I put my arm under hot running water for at least 5 minutes. THIS WORKED!

I never felt the sting again and the bump was gone! This remedy will be the cure for anyone around me. For kids make the water as warm as they can handle, but it must be quite warm so the skin's pores open and the sting can get out.

UPDATE: I have done this a few more times, on myself and kids, and IT IS WORKING!!
Have a better summer.....sting free!

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Kathy said...

Great tip!!! Thanks!! It's the one thing I don't like about the warmer weather! Have a great weekend!

Nan, I don't know if I told about a netorking group I joined a few months ago, Voiceboks.com/community It's a great group with really great women and blogs, if you get a chance (I know you have tons of free time) check it out! You would fit in great!! (I don't get paid or anything from this group, I just really like it! Lol! Take care!)

Jen @ Domesticated Nomad said...

Makes sense, but I never would have thought of that. Thanks for the tip!

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