Spilling the Paint!

Hey all, well I'm back at it - this time for real - decorating my kids' rooms! Finally after many start / stops, we are on the road to completion. Why has it taken me so long to get the job done? Call it DIY burnout! I reached a point of being tired of stripping wallpaper, scrubbing walls, painting... it was easier to keep their doors closed and not think about it!

I'm actually done with the walls in P's room and working on a cool wow-factor. Can you guess what it will be?

Leave your guesses in the comment area. I can't wait to see your ideas! 

I've also started on C's room which is moving along quickly. The walls in his room were fine, just needing new paint and after getting a whole wall done, I am loving the new color! Yup, I've found the perfect greige: "Quill" by Olympic, of course you can get it in any brand. 

Have you found the perfect greige? Do tell!

And then IT happened - I was getting back into the room after a small break, lifted the can up over my head to give it my trusty shake-shake, which I've been doing for almost 20 years of all my DIY painting, and PAINT ALL OVER!!  





Calm down. I look around, yes, dripping down my shirt, missed my shorts, all over the plastic but NOT on the carpet - whew! Shirt off to wash, grab tp (closest available tool) to wipe up and ok, not so bad.  Let the plastic air dry and hoping the shirt gets clean. 

But, you know what, I have 2 of that shirt! So if it's a complete 
loss, no problem. My shopping motto is "if I like it and it fits, 
get 2!" 

And herein lies the very reason. 

Soon to come...
 What I've been doing in the past several months during my blogging break.

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