Vintage Big Girl's Nursery Room

 From baby girl nursery to big girl bedroom.... a perfect transition room!

Brooke at Design Stash (love her blog name!) updated her 
daughter's room with subtle changes.... 

the white changing table is now a dresser with darling pink glass 
knobs; the eye-let curtains got a special touch with ruffle fabric 
from the bedding (great idea!) to add a soft splash of color.

The chandelier was also added - I love how the shades with soft 
greenery pick-up the soft green in the bedding, chair pillows and 
curtains.  Brooke also did a great job re-covering the chair! 

She also has several wall decor creations like the button art...

To make this go to the button art tutorial.    
To read more about the details and to see more photos, head over to Brooke's site and tell her what a great nursery/big girl room this is!

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Courtney G said...

Love it! Great job on all of the subtle details. I always like pink and green together as well.

Nan ~ Playful Decor said...

If I had a daughter I'd do pink & green too! Thanks for stopping by Courtney!

Dominique Goh said...

That's a really lovely looking room.
I have yet to decided what to do with my gals room she just turned 2 yrs old.

Karen Dawkins said...

My daughter is eight and much in need of a bedroom makeover! Her nursery colors were green walls with pink accents. She wants to switch to pink walls with purple and gray accents. Adding the white dresser and pink knobs might help with our transition.

Nan ~ Playful Decor said...

Dominique - lots of ideas here, click on nurseries in the header and sidebar (they're different) just for design ideas/colors minus the crib! Also click on bedrooms in the header and girls bedrooms in the sidebar for more ideas. But don't wait too long - so you don'r miss the opportunity!

Hi Karen, a soft pink wall with light grey would be so pretty and accented with splashes of purple! I think I have a few posts that had wide vertical stripes of 2 colors (pink & grey or pink and white) then a second color under a chair rail (grey or white) add in a purple chair, hot pink pillows, matching patterned rug & wall pieces!

I guess I need to get Tuesday's Nursery going to get you two motivated! :)

Christine D. | The Plumed Nest said...

this is perfectly sweet. i love transitional designs for little ones. it's not easy either! so i am very impressed. lovely:)

mail4rosey said...

She did do a lovely job, and covering a chair is not as easy as it first appears. She did great with it! I bet her daughter enjoys it for years to come. Thanks for sharing it.

Czjai Reyes-Ocampo said...

Nicely done!
Oh, to have a baby girl... :)

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