Birchbox Wall Decor

all 3 on wall

Here's a fab tutorial on converting a Birchbox box to a super cute canvas! Lianne at A Content Housewife blog created this DIY project for a nursery. 

She started with the boxes from Birchbox or you could use any shoe box type box. Click on the link to find out what Birchbox is....
don't worry, I didn't know what it was either! (gasp!)

all three back

The boxes are simply hung with a thumb tack.I think the options are endless by using other cut-outs for older kids and random designs for wall decor in any part of your house.

Lydias canvas

all 3

So head over to A Content Housewife blog for the tutorial and let me know if you create any Birchbox wall decor, too! Who knows, maybe we can have a whole new section on box designs for nurseries and bedrooms! 

Are you going to try this? 
What other ideas have you created from boxes? 
Do tell!

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Francesca said...

I love this! I have tons of small shoebox lids. Thanks so much! I'll let you know what I make.

Alese said...

That is so brillant! And these are so cute! I blog over at http://www.2crafty4myskirt.blogspot.com/ Every Friday I feature a fellow crafter. I would love to feature you and this project in an upcoming Friday. If you are interested please let me know toocraftyformyskirt@hotmail.com

R C said...

That's a really neat idea. Using the lids of kids shoeboxes to create art pieces. I should try that with the kids the next time we get new shoes for them

Jennifer H said...


Nan ~ Playful Decor said...

Hi Francesca, thank you for visiting - and do let me know... I have all sorts of ideas like doing several to create a large gallery wall, making a puzzle picture.

Alese, thank you for stopping by - I emailed you back.

RC, yes, save and re-use those boxes!

The Budget Diet said...

The Budget Diet girl is a huge fan of repurposing, and this project gets an A+ in my book! This could also be a fun way to mount & hang children's artwork.

Karen Dawkins said...

This is simply adorable. I'm adding this to the idea list for my daughter's room. When we finally get around to it, I'll have so many ideas she will need TWO rooms! :)
Great share.
Family Travels on a Budget

Gina Baker said...

Way cute! I love the graphics you chose, that would go with our nursery perfectly!

Nan ~ Playful Decor said...

Budget Diet, that's a fabulous idea - use larger boxes for the kids drawings!

Hi Karen, you really need to get going on your daughter's room! She'll be a teen before you know it! :)

Gina, do you have a post on the nursery? I'd love to add it to the Playful Decor collection.

Angelina Johnson said...

These are very cute! I like that they look great but don't cost too much! I bet kids would have fun making them too!

Not Your Ordinary Agent said...

these are adorable! i'm always looking for new ideas for the kids walls. thanks!

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