Featured Designer: Trisha Atkinson

Check.  this.  out:

A beautiful piece of furniture, right?

Perfect for a girl's room.

Any guesses as to what it WAS used for?

Fab before & after designer Trisha Atkinson, of TDA Interiors,
created this kid's armoire out of this: 

Best & Fast Sting Cure! (with update!)

I MUST share this with you all,  especially since we're in summer and high time for bites & stings.  The other day I got stung, not a bee but a round black insect. I have no idea what it was but it was a sting, not a bite and it did not look like a bee with wings.

Cartoon Mosquito on a Person's Arm clipart


Office: Painting Progress

This is not really pretty.....yet.... but I'm making progress on my soon-to-be-workspace! Please be excited - or at least pretend to be excited - that the walls are white!


These walls are with black carpet, black fan & mirrored doors!
...they forgot the disco ball!


Things I've Learned About Organics

My journey into the organic world has been enlightening and educational to say the least. I've been doing lots of reading and research so now I feel fairly knowledgeable in the choices I've made thus far.

When I buy a new product, I look for the USDA seal. The seal means that 95% of the ingredients are indeed organic.

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