Our Brown House Tour

Like I said our house is brown...outside and in! All photos are BEFORE shots since we really haven't done much. The house is about 25 years old and as you will see, never had the decor updated. We will be changing walls, floors and trim to white!

We just bought a new entry door off craigslist: white with a full window
and shades inside the window - can't wait for the new look, it will brighten up this entry!

Even my hub noticed too many competing patterns!

TV cabinet is there because that's where the cable is.
We will change it to move the cabinet away from the stone wall.

The green carpet and yellow walls make too much color for the room.
Walls will be beige since that's an easier and cheaper fix.

Sofas are only 4 years old, but I think I'm sorry I got the
 pattern with red flowers... not my style now.

Yes, the sink is in the middle!
Previous owners wanted a view of lake.

I say NO on tile counter tops!

Competing patterns ...... again!

This room was an open front porch. It's nice to have the extra room,
but it's long and narrow with a step. Love all the windows!

Yes, that's porch furniture you see! We had a birthdday party
and needed extra seating.... and it stayed!

Our bedroom is on backside of kitchen wall and walkout to front room.
Master bath is almost done - I need to finish painting!

Serious 80's color! Will paint below rail taupe or cream and just live with carpet for now.
We hope to do a massive remodel in 5 years and have this room be an
expanded kitchen and social area. We'll move our room upstairs.
That's the plan...
the dream...

You can see the master bath re-do (so far) HERE.
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Making It Work Mom said...

Our house was the same way. Some rooms had three different wallpapers in one room. We have done every room now except - the Master. Of course. I vowed to do it last year and it still isn't done!! Good luck with all your renovations!

Kathy said...

I love all the windows! Very pretty "bones" I can't wait to see what you do with it! It's always fun to drop by for a visit!

RoryBore said...

You know, aside from the competiting patterns and outdated carpeting...I love the character of the house. And that porch is amazing. I want something like that to replace where our deck is. In Canada, you can only use your outside deck for a few months of the year. Something like that would be so much better. Maybe I'll win the lottery one day! LOL

Creative in Chicago said...

Hi Nan,
Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my basement makeover today. Your brown house has such potential, I can't wait to see what you do. I know my brown house unleashed a passion I never knew I had for decorating.

I think I might have to add "house before" post to my blog too...great idea!


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